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Catherine Warr is an exciting young historian bringing a fresh approach to history. Starting her YouTube channel in 2018 and entirely self-taught in digital media, she has built up an audience through her creative and engaging approach to history. In 2021 she was featured in a national YouTube campaign highlighting regional creators.

Born in Leeds in 1999 and raised on a council estate, she is a first-generation graduate and has been described as ‘Gen Z’s Fred Dibnah’ for her down-to-earth, engaging approach and a desire to make history interesting and accessible for all.


In 2022 she teamed up with filmmaker Simon Craven, and their unique personal style – combining music, practical sets, and costumes with thorough historical research and engaging presentation – has made them instantly recognisable and given them four-quadrant media appeal. Their desire to innovate continually in their approach to historical storytelling has made them stand out in the world of historical media, and they are eager to push further into the world of documentary filmmaking.


In 2021 Catherine joined the British Association for Local History as Engagement Fellow, and continues to support their work as Digital Content Coordinator.

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