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Public Speaking

Here's my current range of public talks and lectures suitable for local history societies and other events. Other topics available on request.

In-person talks are charged at £50 + transport with Zoom/digital engagements at £25.

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My Favourite Yorkshire Women

Explore the stories of four women from Yorkshire - some well known, others less so - and discover their contribution to history and why they're so important.

Flora Sandes

What on earth would make a Yorkshirewoman decide to go to Serbia and become the only British woman to serve as a soldier in the First World War? Find out in this talk, chock full of fascinating facts about this crossover between Yorkshire and an oft-ignored theatre of war.

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A Yorkshire Year: 366 Days of Folklore, Customs, and Traditions

What is a tradition? How does folklore develop? Who do we thank for collecting this stuff? And what about 'fake-lore'? Accompanying my book, this talk takes a deep dive into the world of Yorkshire folklore, traditions, and who collected them. This goes beyond simply listing what happened in the past and examines the very concepts of folklore and traditions themselves.

South Yorkshire and the Civil Wars

With a focus on Sheffield and the surrounding areas of Barnsley and Rotherham, find out the role and impact this part of Yorkshire had on one of the most tumultuous periods in British history. Engaging, thoroughly researched, and jam-packed with information, this is one of the most comprehensive and interesting accounts of the conflict in this area.

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